Wednesday, April 13, 2011

videos + fun tag + another award!!

I've got two videos to share today because I've been going through YouTube for the past few days like its my favourite nursery rhyme book!

This video got me a little high for a minute or so (just because that is just how I am when it comes to colours!). Keep your eyes on the objects AROUND the bookcase as well!

This isn't an official music video of Regina Specktor's "Two Birds", but it is an amazing one nevertheless.

Has anyone ever experienced this? I personally haven't, but the exact thing happened to one of my close friend and her ex-boyfriend. I hope this song doesn't stick in your head like it did in mine...for two weeks. OMG I just noticed it has a bookcase scene too (in fact, TWO!). Did you spot it??? Scaringly coincidental!

On a side note, I entered a little birthday giveaway at Amelia's blog and found out that I had won! Thanks muchly, dear!! Amelia posted the following six questions on God and was looking for the most creative answers:

1. If God comes to your birthday party and gives you nothing as a present what will you do?
I'll give him a hug in return :)

2. If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a gorgeous gown, what will you do?
Give it to my mom so she would feel as good as I would on my birthday! :D

3. If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a fabulous jewelry box as a present, what will you do?
Store a handful of seashells I got as a gift from a friend way back in 2005. We've lost touch but I hope to reconnect one day :)

4. If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a huge fish, what will you do?
Release it. But first, I'll christen him 'Willy', haha!

5. If God comes to your birthday party and gives you an Ipod, what will you do?
Rock the house down with John Lennon's "Imagine".

6. If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a hug, then what will you do?
See answer to first question :p

{NB: I am not a Christian, however I do believe in a higher power} 

I absolutely love answering random questions like these!! So if you're like me (its okay, I won't judge you, haha), feel free to have a go at these questions and share them as a comment or even better still, come back to leave a comment or let me know via email ( /Facebook message if you've made a post on it. I'd love to read your answers! :)

Another surprise came in yesterday! I've been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by Lara from The Secret Garden! Lara and I go back a long way and I am so thrilled to be able to receive this award from her! In order to pass on this award, Lara had to share seven random facts about herself. I was amused by her first random fact, which is probably more random than eating pearls :p Dear Lara, thank you so much for the award, but more importantly, thank you for the friendship you have so kindly shared with me over the past few months! :) 

love and thanks to the wonderful person you are, xo

PS: Kim Phan's photo of her dog Ein has been posted on my Tumblr! Have a looky on my sidebar!  Adorable, no?? :)



LOL @ Willy!


I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to my blog :) I adore Audrey, she is amazing. I think we must have pretty similar taste in a lot of things. Where in Australia are you? Wellington is pretty great but I'm so used to the big city (Melbourne in my case) it's hard to adjust to a smaller everything! I have indeed see mr Blanketman a few times - bathing in the sun around Courteney Place *shudders* :/


I love Regina Spektor, but I have never heard that song before. I like it though


great photos! :)




Ohh I've watched the bookcase vid before, it's awesome! And I think you did a pretty good job at answering Amelia's tag. Willy, seriously? :D

Also, CONGRATULATIONS on the award! :D


Just watched the video and whoah, I love the stop motion effect.
Really amazing hahaha. It takes a lot of patience before making it perfect. Right?

Congrats for the award , I laughed at "Willy" haha LOL



that bookcase video!!!! superduper coool!!! thanks for sharing, you just made up my day.

The Picnic Girl

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