Saturday, October 23, 2010

you're not my type

It is about time our apparels contributed a little more to our social life:-

I found this amazing tee from Headline Shirts for warding off undesired attention seekers and fugly men (although with that said, I think everyone deserves a fair chance at love). Works even better if they can read more than one line off it -- the key to this is REITERATION!

There is a men's version of this tee, however I'm pretty sure that most men (single or not) are happy with any form of attention from the opposite gender that might come their way.

Oh, and by the way, the sign language line says "fuck off" (I'm being serious!) Tee hee! What a good reason to be profane on the www.

How do you say it in your language? :)
Yay for Saturdays! xo

PS: Thank you nora chou for the follow!
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hahaha. at first i was having doubts that i've read the sign language wrong, but when you stated what it said-- i was glad that i was right! lol


Now that you've said it, I just noticed that the "C" and "O", as well as the repeat of the first and last two signs make it vaguely decipherable. You've got good observation skills, Mariane! :)


i see a problem here. there are no indian languages here. that tshirt would need to worked on if it has to work in the sub continent. :P the hand signs are wrong. but the german and french are right. who ever wears this would probably make the intended statement in a few countries in europe and rest of the english speaking world :P.. would love to hear how it went for em :P


Hm, true about the Indian language. But should be pretty redundant as most marriages are arranged?

Hand signs are right by means of ASL :) Not by the ISL (Indian Sign Language) maybe?


yea.. maybe, but you cant consider it redundant though. there are a lot of people finding their own partners here too and then ending up in an arranged marriage.


How about in our Malaysian tongue? LOL


Berambuslah engkau? Haha! That would actually be quite funny on a shirt!


In Filipino it would be: "Hindi kita gusto" but it would be painful if someone who likes you get to read it. hahahaha assuming much :P


I think it would be much easier for them to read it than to hear it for reckon? Haha! :)

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