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NORA CHOU GIDE PROJECT + { eleven etsies }

Nora Chou is a recent follower of the site and is currently seeking help for her project on Domestechtopias (learn more about Domestechtopias  and the GIDE PROJECT).  Here is my entry for the project:
What makes a home, a home?
A home for me is a place that is spacious, yet gives a cosy and private feel to it.

What is most important/ a 'must have' to you in your home?
My home would have to surround me with things I love. My must-haves/decor are picture frames of my love ones and many many colourful pin-ups and posters. Oh and books!

How do you personalize your home?
A lot of my friends have commented on how tidy my living space is. I guess I personalise my space by organizing the things I love in a presentable manner so friends and family feel like they are stepping into a picture book of my life when they step into my space.

How has this changed over the years?
I have recently added a whiteboard for ideas and scribbles. That's about it!

What have you specifically placed in your home that you think is the main object you use to personalize your room? (CURRENTLY and in the PAST)?
This is going to sound ridiculous, but the only non-necessity I've lugged around with me across continents over the past four years is a huge plush cow. In my defence, it makes the most placid face when I am having a bad day -- which is oddly enough, very calming. Another item would be the guitar. I don't play it much, but having one around reminds me of that special someone in my life. In the past, it would have been a radio (I'm a big fan of music).

Participate in the GIDE PROJECT here.
On another note, I was planning to use some of last week's amazing Etsy finds because there weren't many goodies this week (I usually look up Etsy minutes before making the eleven etsies entry so everything you see here is recent in the store). Sadly, most of my last week's finds were already sold off, so these will have to do:-






For some reason, I thought it would be really romantic to type a letter to my grandma using this:

1 Blown Glass Ornament Ball - Fuchsia Blossom by wolfartglass 2 Cherry Blossom Tree Glass Tile Necklace Pendant by crystalbouquet ($12.50 USD) 3 Blue Butterfly Illustration by littlebluebirdstudios ($10.00 USD) 4 Zombie Panda Zipper Pouch by kukubee ($12.00 USD) 5 Journal - SPRINGTIME AMOUR by 5dollarfrenchmarket ($5.00 USD) 6 Hand Blown Glass Mini Pumpkin by moltenspirit ($45.00 USD) 7 Print Set - Little Prince by ThisYearsGirl ($20.00 USD) 8 Sweet Dreams Art Print by donnageissler ($30.00 USD) 9 Wooden art doll hand painted - The tree family by zime ($32.00 USD) 10 Love You Always Quote Lettering Decal - Vinyl Wall Sticker by SimpleShapes ($36.00 USD) 11 Antique 1970s Omega 30 robins egg blue typewriter by kizzyrayan123 ($65.00 USD)

Being sentimental today, xo

PS: Thank you Superman is our hero ;) for the follow!



1, 2, 5, 10 FTW! Nice find Yileen :D


Thanks lov! Glad you liked them too! :D xo


Oh I love number pretty. Thanks for stopping by earlier. Love knowing you are following along:)


I like #3,#4 and #7, just because it has a bunny in it! ROFL


Hello Becky!
Thanks for dropping by here as well :) Have a lovely week ahead!

Hies Amir!
Clearly, you like the 'manlier' etsies of the lot! ;)


yileen, thanks for the feature! i really appreciate it!


haha.. lovely 11 etsies. i would love to answer that questionaire. but then writing it for myself wouldn't make any sense right :P. lols. i always wanted to learn out to do the kind of drawings those interior designers do . its a sweet proj.


Hello Nora!
No worries for the feature! ;) It was my pleasure. Best of luck with the project!

Hi Nitin!
You can write your entry -->here<--. There are a lot of great articles on interior design there too :)

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