Saturday, April 16, 2011

random fact {no. 7}

This is probably the most embarrassing of all random facts. Yes, I saved the best for last...

Despite coming from a line of descendants originating all the way back to China, I am shamefully ineloquent in Chinese. And when I say Chinese, I mean whatever Chinese dialect you can think of -- Hokkien/Fujian, Hakka, Mandarin, Cantonese (which is probably my worst), you name it. I've always conversed in English since young and even had the privilege of picking up the British accent when I lived in Leicester for a good year.

The only bits of Chinese I know are for the purpose of gossiping about 'that hot guy' or for ordering food back in Malaysia (it is important to know whether you want chilli added to your meal, or if you want to takeaway). I've honestly attempted to learn Chinese, but I think its safe to say that it is the world's utmost hardest language to study!

So I learnt how to read Hangul (Korean) instead. Ha!

Now that I've lived through sharing seven random facts about myself, it is time to pass silvii tron's Stylish Blogger Award on to seven lovely people. So, in alphabetical order :

Congratulations to
 evelyn tea {evelyn unplugged}
kendra30752 {RiBbOnS and PeArLs}

NB: Please do not feel obligated in any way whatsoever to complete the tag portion of this award :) As much as I would love to find out more about you, this award serves more importantly as a token of gratitude and thanks for all your visits and comments! I also thought I'd spare some of you from receiving this award again too soon :p Your turn will, eventually come around! >:)

Before I leave, here is a recap of the other six random facts I've shared -- {no.1}, {no.2}, {no.3}, {no.4} {no.5} and {no.6}. Out of curiosity, which did you find most interesting? :)
PS: Yeah, Iswari, I still watch that video from time to time! Lol!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

videos + fun tag + another award!!

I've got two videos to share today because I've been going through YouTube for the past few days like its my favourite nursery rhyme book!

This video got me a little high for a minute or so (just because that is just how I am when it comes to colours!). Keep your eyes on the objects AROUND the bookcase as well!

This isn't an official music video of Regina Specktor's "Two Birds", but it is an amazing one nevertheless.

Has anyone ever experienced this? I personally haven't, but the exact thing happened to one of my close friend and her ex-boyfriend. I hope this song doesn't stick in your head like it did in mine...for two weeks. OMG I just noticed it has a bookcase scene too (in fact, TWO!). Did you spot it??? Scaringly coincidental!

On a side note, I entered a little birthday giveaway at Amelia's blog and found out that I had won! Thanks muchly, dear!! Amelia posted the following six questions on God and was looking for the most creative answers:

1. If God comes to your birthday party and gives you nothing as a present what will you do?
I'll give him a hug in return :)

2. If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a gorgeous gown, what will you do?
Give it to my mom so she would feel as good as I would on my birthday! :D

3. If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a fabulous jewelry box as a present, what will you do?
Store a handful of seashells I got as a gift from a friend way back in 2005. We've lost touch but I hope to reconnect one day :)

4. If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a huge fish, what will you do?
Release it. But first, I'll christen him 'Willy', haha!

5. If God comes to your birthday party and gives you an Ipod, what will you do?
Rock the house down with John Lennon's "Imagine".

6. If God comes to your birthday party and gives you a hug, then what will you do?
See answer to first question :p

{NB: I am not a Christian, however I do believe in a higher power} 

I absolutely love answering random questions like these!! So if you're like me (its okay, I won't judge you, haha), feel free to have a go at these questions and share them as a comment or even better still, come back to leave a comment or let me know via email ( /Facebook message if you've made a post on it. I'd love to read your answers! :)

Another surprise came in yesterday! I've been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by Lara from The Secret Garden! Lara and I go back a long way and I am so thrilled to be able to receive this award from her! In order to pass on this award, Lara had to share seven random facts about herself. I was amused by her first random fact, which is probably more random than eating pearls :p Dear Lara, thank you so much for the award, but more importantly, thank you for the friendship you have so kindly shared with me over the past few months! :) 

love and thanks to the wonderful person you are, xo

PS: Kim Phan's photo of her dog Ein has been posted on my Tumblr! Have a looky on my sidebar!  Adorable, no?? :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

random fact {no.6} + updates!

I was having marinated mussels some time ago and got annoyed by the amount of grit one particular mussel was having. After crunching into my fifth piece of grit, I decided to check if it was really grit or if I was biting into a broken piece of mussel shell (because then, I wouldn't feel so bad for digesting bits of calcium? Lol).

Turned out it was neither. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself looking at baby-sized pearls :) So I guess the random fact here is that I have eaten pearls? Haha!

I only bit into another two pearls after that...

I'm probably going to poop the rest out like Mr. Polar Bear here.

See random facts {no.1}, {no.2}, {no.3}, {no.4} and {no.5}! One more to go before I hand this tag to fifteen lovely bloggers! >:)

Also, me reckons it is time for some major updates! :

  • i received a package from singapore last week from my bestie julynn from the juleth dimension! it has the cutest pouch which i plan to use for my blackwhiteberry, a cute keychain with the saying "its ok to be silly sometimes" (except that i'm silly almost every other time) with my name engraved on the back and of course, a postcard written with lots of love! <3
  • thank you to those who commented on my last post. it kept me positive through the rest of the week. i heart you girls so much! 
  • i've got my cousin's cocktail-themed wedding early next month, which reminds me that i really have to go hunt for a dress asap!
  • i scored a pair of mng jeans at the opportunity store for $7 last weekend! byebye ebay, i've found a new substitute for cheap thrills! haha!
  • HAS ANYONE TRIED THE KFC DOUBLE DOWN BURGER YET?? i never thought i would live to see the day when bacon would be sandwiched between chicken breasts...
  • i've replaced the google follower's box with an image because it started looking like a shelf of head trophies. i hope it suits you better too :)
  • i am planning to phase out of and blogcatalog as i am quite tired of responding to people who oh-so-subtly coerse me into visiting their seo sites or to review/vote to increase their ratings. i don't regret joining these sites as i have made some wonderful friends (you know who you are!!) but i think it is time i move on :)
  • to make up from my withdrawals from the sites above, i'll be more active on facebook! it won't be my personal account just in case i get an add from the odd weirdo or two, but i hope we can keep in touch there instead!
  • i am still finding that one crazy thing to do. any (cheap) suggestions??
  • also a big BIG thank you to katie leigh of goodbyeanimosity and kim phan from pseudovisual for letting me share their amazing photos on my tumblr!! kim phan's photo of her super adorable dog ein having a stache is on queue, so watch out for it on the sidebar! but you can view katie's cute photo -->here<-- .you girls rock! 
  • ah, this just came in recently. i've been awarded the stylish blogger award by balqis from part and parcel of life, so expect more random facts in the near future! :D thank you so much balqis!! you're a gem! x
  • i found this awesome quote on girlfriend iswari's blog and i told here i'd share it with you lot in my next post but i couldn't wait! :

    "religion is like a penis. it's fine to have one. it's fine to be proud of it. but please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around, and please don't try to shove it down my children's throats"

    now you see why? haha! hop over for a visit and give her some ! :D
wishing you lovelies a great week ahead! xo

PS: Thank you dear Jeanuuu Oh, cbel2me, laspalomas and Eileen Huang for the follow! I will be making a visit if I haven't already :)